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The long-term investments (Gold)

Gold uptil now more was known as jewellery, that often was used by the woman. Gold also symbol the someone that wealth and was one of the very valuable property. How the history of gold in this world? According to the history, gold had the high value since in the authority period of the empire in Europe. Whereas gold was known as the transaction implement since the time of King Croesus from Lydia at 560 years BC ordered the manufacture of the first gold coins. The Romans used gold coins in the year 50 BC as the transaction implement. As mining commodities, gold has a very long history. Estimated historical Gold mining has been started since 2000-5000 years BC. And the biggest gold mining at this time were in South Africa.

Gold as the implement exchanged in the form of the coin had been increasingly developing since Islam was born as a world civilisation, that made gold currency (dinar).They was used gold in the activity of economics and the trade. However, the development of the increasingly fast trade demanded use of the implement exchanged that was more flexible, light and was easy to be brought without reducing the value, made the significant change, where the gold was replaced by the note.

How the use of gold at this time? Since gold was not again current as the implement exchanged official, the function of gold more often became only a jewellery, although continuing to have the sold value that was high. Moreover gold was made the most competent investment implement. Why was gold often chosen as the investment implement? Gold was often chosen as one of the forms of investment because of having the value that tended stable in fact rose. It was very rare that the gold price descended. And gold was the implement that could be used to ward off inflation that often happened every year.

Moreover the other profit invested gold was:

1. The protection the value of assets, when high inflation, the gold prices will rise higher. It was increasingly high that inflation, increasingly high the price increase of gold. If the exchange rate dollar rose, the price of gold will also rise.

2. Means saved most effective for the certain aim, because of the price of gold according to the rise in inflation, then safe gold was used as means saved for the need of the marriage, the house deposit and the child's education.

3. Gold was easy to be bought and really liquid. Gold was easy to be bought and sold anywhere. Gold could be bought in Jakarta and afterwards was sold in another place anywhere in the world must be accepted.

Moreover to do investment with gold, we must understand the gold kind that most be suitable in invested. There were two gold kinds namely:

- Bullion gold, was acknowledged as bullion gold because of this gold have the shape of like bullion thin and flat or bricks, where having the level of gold of 22 or 24 karat, or if in the percentage was 95% and 99%.

- Coin gold, where the form of gold like this was one of the other forms from bullion gold that has been formed to the pure gold coin. Had the value and the level of that was the same as bullion gold.

How with jewellery gold? Jewellery gold was not better for was made the investment media because the price of jewellery gold will descend when being sold by us. Was like this earlier the history, the benefit and the function from gold as one of the investment that were very competent in our life. It is hoped useful.


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