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The Utility (Acids, Alkali and Salt)

Acid (that often was represented with the public's formula HA) generally was the chemical compound that when being dissolved in water will produce the solution with the pH was smaller than 7. In the modern definition, acid was a substance that could give the proton (the ion H+) to the other substance (that was acknowledged as the alkali), or could receive the free electron couple from an alkali. An acid reacted with an alkali in the reaction of neutralisation to form salt. Gotten by three definitions of general acid was accepted in chemistry, that is the Arrhenius definition, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis.

And we can make comparation in physisc answer.

How to distinguish between acid and Al kali? Acid and the Alkali could be distinguished from the taste and touch. Acid had the sour taste. The sour taste that was known by us like in several food kinds like the citrus fruit, lemons juice, tomatoes, the vinegar, the soft drink and several products like soap that contained the sulphur and water accu. On the other hand, the alkali had the bitter taste. But, the taste better should be not used to test the existence of acid and the alkali, because some acid and the alkali could result in the burn and damaged the network. The touch not was the method that was safe to test the alkali. The alkali (like soap) had an alkali nature, reacted with protein in skin so as skin cells will experience the change.

What the function of Acid and the Alkali in the life? Acid was the requirement for the very vital industry. Four acid sorts that were most important in the industry were the sulphuric acid, phosphate acid, the nitric acid and the hydrochloric acid. The sulphuric acid (H2SO4) was the thick liquid resembled oil. Used in the production of fertiliser, the refining of oil, the steel factory, the plastic factory, the medicine, dye, and for the production of other acid. It was sour that phosphate (H3PO4) was used for the production of fertiliser and detergent. The nitric acid (HNO3) often was used for the production of the explosive and fertiliser. The hydrochloric acid (HCl) was gas that was not coloured that was dissolved in water. The alkali that was used widely was calcium hidroksida, Ca (OH) 2 that generally is acknowledged as caustic soda. The alkali that often was used was ammonia. Ammonia was gas was not coloured in a smelly manner that really stang. Ammonia was used as fertiliser, as well as the production material of the sector, nylon and the nitric acid.We can see more function in

Chemistry Problem

How is the function of salt in the life? Salt or sodium chloride (NaCl) that really was needed by our body. The body needed the content of certain salt in order to function well. Sodium helped the body to maintain the concentration of the liquid in the body. Salt also played a role as the transmission of electronics in nerves and helped body cells to form nutrition. In the body was sour and the alkali, whereas salt was useful to help the contraction of the muscle, to help nerve cells, to help the concentration of the brain, and to guard the body so that not was felt limp. Moreover, the content of salt in the normal limit and the content sodium chlorida also was needed to maintain the liquid in the body for the circulation of blood in the body.

Was like this earlier several functions and the benefit of acid, the alkali and salt in the life. for more information you can look in chemistry answer, and Physics help. It is hope useful :).


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