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Systematic Storage for Quality of The Work

All of us knew if in a company was needed by an action of increasing the productivity in the implementation of the administrative work, in headed with the capacity to arrange the workplace archives as the foundation of the control of the quality of the work. Administrative philosophy of the modern company and archiving the document it was stressed more to the systematic storage of all the documents so as to be able to search easily in short time. The management of the systematic storage was acknowledged also as archiving. Archiving literally was the storage of the important data. Meaning that archiving was more focussed for the important data that was owned by a company. So had some consideration before archive the data or the letter, as follows:

- Determined the data was based on the requirement and the kind.
- The Analysis data
- Understood the use of data
- Otomation the process of data filing.

The four consideration were the step in early before carrying out a data filing. All that was useful to more easy selected and collection data that would be on file.

Uptil now the data that archiving more was focussed in the data that came from the company personally, how with the data that from outside? The data from outside consisted of the data that was shaped like an information and the demand data. The demand data was the data from the consumer who wanted the service or the product that was sold by us. In this modern time was increasingly heterogenous and practical this method of request delivery, in part through the electronics letter or the email. Electronics communication was become the standard for many business transactions, but still many small businesses did not have the mechanism that was adequate for archiving email with vendor, the team's member and the customer. Therefore for email archiving to a company needed the more special treatment, meaning that seldom was different from data archiving that took the form of the bundle or the report.

Because of taking the form of the electronics data, the email that not archive will be risky was lost. This could cause lost the business client. To overcome this problem was needed the solution that was exact for archiving of all the emails. Be not enough only kept in our computer because of the limited storage capacity, not to mention the affected risk of the virus or in hack by the competitor. So necessary archive through the service of email archiving that could give the security guarantee, the ease and flexibility in accessing the data that was kept by us. The solution to email archiving could help the owner of small businesses to guarantee the productivity of high permanent work.

There were many service providers of email archiving in the market at this time. Each service provider had the exceeds and the weakness, and each owner of the business must evaluate whatever that most agreed with their requirement with the information technology support that was believed.

For more details, Along with the important profit of data archiving our company in a archiving service provider:
1. Data Security
2. More leverage data conversion
3. Ease of access to data
4. Better data management
5. Online access
6. A diverse choice of storage model

Basically the archiving media was the ideal solution to avoid the risk of losing this important data. The good archiving service provider was have all in one PC of service, meaning that they not only archive the data, but also gave the improvement service and facilities that in accordance with the requirement and the development of the time. Moreover that gave facilities like medical computer, it means the service provider did not only pay attention to the service from the aspect of hardware or software, but also the health for the consumer of the user :).

Thus the profit from archive the data in a archiving service provider. All that was very beneficial in order to support the smoothness of efforts and the increase in the achievement that will be directly linked to the productivity of the company.


  1. Ini tentang tehnik administrasi penyimpanan arsip ya...
    Sip deh Mas... He

  2. Jalan2 dari direktori Indonesia TOP, istirahat dulu di Warung Kopi.
    Wah,.. Owner perusahaan Jasa pengarsipan ya pak,.. Kok baru dengar ya jasa pengarsipan dokumen perusahaan. Bagaimanapun semoga sukses dan berkembang usahannya,... good work.

  3. @Achen n buwel : ini sebenernya buat dapet dolar tapi gak jadi wkwkwkwkwkwkw
    @Den jaka : tq dah mampir, btw ane blum buat usaha spt ini, tapi boleh juga idenya hehehe

  4. kok jadi ribet ya pas di translte ke google translate..?

  5. iya jelaslah, karena GT itu sifatnya dasar aja bro bukan mengartikan terus disusun sesuai EYD hehehehehe


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