How gave the dramatic effect on the product in the exhibition

The promotion was one of the main marketing strategies, because with the promotion of our product will be known by the market that we want to reach. The promotion was could used for the old product or the new product and the role of the promotion of the product was very important for the development of the product that was sold by us. One of the forms of the effective promotion was the exhibition. The benefit from the exhibition was as follows:

1. Introduced the new product

2. Introduced the modification product

3. Strengthen our company image/ brand image

4. Collecting the competitor's information

5. Tested our sale during the exhibition

6. Tested our human resources and the strength of teamwork

Besides other advantages of the exhibition is attracting greater attention, because it affected the following factors :

- Realistic, konkrit and real.

- Could give the dramatic effect.

- Could give the variation.

- More could be clarified in a situational manner.

Thus this excess benefit and promotion through exhibitions. Which we will discuss here is about the benefits of the exhibition that can provide dramatic effects primarily associated with supporting elements are the main attraction will be products that we sell. The supporting elements include Trade show flooring which consists of : Trade Show Carpet, Logo Mats, and Logo Canopy.

By applying the placement of a good trade show flooring, will add attractiveness for the visitors to visit our exhibition stand, other than that at the same time allows visitors to understand what the advantages and benefits of the products that we offer. Hopefully useful.


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