Three parameters of quality (Online translation service)

The development of technology was increasingly developing fast, especially in the world of the Internet. We can get all kinds of information and services. One of them was the online translation service. There were many service providers. There were those who are free and paid. But free online translation facility has many deficiencies, especially to translate in significant amounts or more than 300 words. In addition, free online translators do not pay attention to the rules of grammar of a language.

Therefore special for a particular company or institution that needed an online translation service should be able to choose which is best. Not just an arbitrary choice, for example because they are inexpensive or speedy process. Choosing a good online translation services and in accordance with the wishes should be based on three things as follows:

1. Quality of translation

2. Quality of editing

3. proofreading.

The three matters were very important because of becoming the best quality parameter from a process and results of the translation. As being learnt by us the translation was the work that was not easy because in the process of translating a language to the other language was needed by knowledge that just replaced or changed the sentence but also needed knowledge about the characteristics and grammar of the language that will be translated. Basically the translation was a complex and conscientious process.

Then, to consider a proffesional transation service provider must be judged from the three parameters. The three parameters have become the obligation for each translation service provider as the standard of the main quality. Hopefully useful for us who want to use language translation service providers :).


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